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July 23rd - July 30th 2021, Zadar

This year's summer school will be held at the end of July in Zadar, the city with the most beautiful sunset in the world, more beautiful than the one in Key West, in Florida, according to Alfred Hitchcock

Emergency medicine

Over the course of 7 days, you will acquire new knowledge as well as improve your practical skills. Apart from attending lectures and workshops that deal with everything from heart beat to toe beat, you will have plenty of time to enjoy summer in Croatia


The regular fee is 400 EUR. There is a group discount - if 3 people come together as a group, the fee is 370 EUR per person.



ILS course

The Immediate Life Support course is a multidisciplinary 1-day course which provides the essential knowledge and skills that are important in the initial phase of treating a critically ill patient…

FAST Ultrasound

Focused assessment with sonography in trauma (commonly abbreviated as FAST) is a rapid bedside ultrasound examination performed by surgeons, emergency physicians and paramedics as a screening test for blood around…

So you think you can ambulance?

And now for something completely different - a brand new workshop planned for this summer! For all of us who will, after graduating, have to choose between working in urgent…

Trauma Workshops 1 & 2

Airway management includes a set of manoeuvres performed to prevent and relieve airway obstruction. You will learn how to performe a tracheotomy, intubation and many other important techniques on realistic…

Pediatric Emergencies

From going through algorithms in pediatric airway obstruction to learning how to perform CPR in children, this workshop provides a wide range of practical knowledge in pediatric emergencies. Traditionally, the…


The workshop will start with a short lecture about different wound types and their clinical treatment, after which participants will be able to learn how to take care of wounds,…

Trauma Brain Injury

After a short theoretical part about medical and social aspects of a traumatic brain injury, the participants will get a chance to test and improve their manual skills in capnography…

Child delivery

A short introduction covering the stages of birth will be followed by the practical segment on a model, preparing the participants for an out-of-hospital vaginal birth. The participants will also…

The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service

The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service is a volunteer, non-profit public organisation. It specialises in helping people who got lost or hurt on mountainous terrain, in caves and other unapproachable places,…

Lifeguard Procedures

For all of you who want to learn about emergency medicine while having your toes dipped in the Adriatic sea, we have a very fun and educational lifeguard procedures workshop.…


The workshops are led by experienced and approachable lecturers from University of Zagreb’s School of Medicine, St. Joseph’s Health Hospital in New Jersey, Zadar County’s Emergency department, the Croatian Mountain Rescue Service and many more…


All places have been filled for EMSS 2021. Hope to see you next year!


Two participants share a dorm room. The address:  Ul. dr. Franje Tuđmana 24d, 23000, Zadar. 


Who we are?

The European Medical Students´ Association – (EMSA) is a non-profit, non-governmental organisation representing medical students from all across Europe. EMSA Zagreb is a part of this organisation. We act under the patronage of the University of Zagreb School of Medicine.The University of Zagreb (1669) is the oldest and biggest university in South-Eastern Europe. Our School of Medicine recently celebrated its 100th anniversary. Our other projects are:



About Zadar

Zadar is a city rich in spirutual and material culture, as well as in a touristic identity created in the present. It was created around the Roman forum, a city inside well-kept walls, a city of old Croatian monuments. Full of archieves, museums and libraries, it is the keeper of literary and musical treasure, it is the city inside with the oldest University among Croatians (1396). It was long ago the place where the first Croatian novel and the first newspapers in the Croatian language were created. It is protected by four guardian saints: Zoilo, Simeon, Grisogone and Anastasia.

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