The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service

The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service

The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service is a volunteer, not-for-profit and public organisation. It is specialised in rescuing in mountains, on rock faces, in caves and other unapproachable places where rescuing requires the application of special mountain-rescue skills and equipment. They are going to hold a presentation, followed by the demonstrative exercise of International Trauma Life Support (ITLS) course (which provides an education in managing out-of-hospital trauma situations), in this case, in unapproachable places!  After an afternoon spent at the base of Paklenica, we were all thoroughly impressed and inspired by what we had seen. The Croatian Mountain Rescue Service showed us what they do, how they are organized and what equipment they have. Thank you very much HGSS – Stanica Zadar! We are looking forward to future collaboration. We also owe a big thank you to Nacionalni park Paklenica for helping us make this demo happen!

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